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Louvre Museum: Egyptian Antiquities - A collection that contains many important pieces.

Museum of Egyptian Antiquities - Collection of Sir Henry Wellcome, held at the University of Wales, Swansea. Images and details of a selection of objects. Visitor information.

Egyptian Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art - In New York. Extensive collection of antiquities from all periods of ancient Egyptian history. Highlights online.

Akhet Internet: Scottish Egyptology - Listing of museums and overview of collections in Scotland.

Egyptian Museum of the Uruguayan Society of Egyptology - Exhibits a collection of ancient Egyptian art and artifacts in Montevideo, Uruguay. Site includes some photographs of objects in the collection.

Pharaohs of the Sun: Akhenaten, Nefertiti, Tutankhamun - Exhibition premiered at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. A stunning collection of ancient artifacts from the Amarna period. Easily navigable site includes images and information presented through text, videos and games.

Royal Ontario Museum: Ancient Egypt - The ROM houses a permanent ancient Egyptian collection and has an online archive of traveling exhibitions housed.

Ancient Egypt at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Collection information as well as online learning resources and current exhibits at the MFA.

The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology - The University College, London, houses the Egyptian and Sudanese collections of the great archaeologist Flinders Petrie. Visitor information, object digitisation project.

Oriental Institute Museum - From the University of Chicago, this Ancient Near East collection includes an Egyptian Gallery.

Abzu Museum Index - Index of museums relating to the Ancient Near East and Ancient Egypt.

The Victoria Museum of Egyptian Antiquities - A small collection at the Uppsala University Museum in Sweden.

Luxor's Mummification Museum, First in the World - An article from Egypt Online on a small museum recently opened in Luxor, devoted to mummies of people and animals from ancient Egypt and associated funerary equipment and rituals.

The British Museum: Department of Egyptian Antiquities - Has the largest and most comprehensive collection of ancient Egyptian material outside Cairo. Exhibitions, research, fieldwork, collections.

Other Egyptian Collections In Uruguayan Museums - Describes the contents of other Uruguayan Museums with ancient Egyptian objects, besides the one maintained by the Uruguayan Society of Egyptology.

The Egyptian Museum - Official site for the museum in Cairo, established in 1835. It exhibits objects from the prehistoric era to the Ptolemaic-Roman Period.

British Museum - Department of Egyptian Antiquities - Illustrates aspects of Egyptian culture and art from predynastic times. Examine images and texts on star pieces from the collection.

Egyptian Museum - Rameses I - Museum in the Niagara Falls hosting a collection of Egyptian mummies, coffins and ancient artifacts.

Mississippi Museum - Robinson Collection - Visit the Egyptian artifacts of this collection.