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Roman Baths, Bath - The official site provides a guide to Roman Britain, the thermal springs at Bath, an online virtual tour and information for visitors.

The Mary Rose - Raised from the sea and on display at Portsmouth, this Tudor warship made waves in nautical archaeology. Detailed, scholarly history, photographs, description, visitor information.

Pitt Rivers Museum - At the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography in Oxford houses archaeological and ethnographic objects from all parts of the world. History and collections, visitor information.

Flag Fen - John Byland provides a history and description of one of the most important Bronze age sites in Europe, with visitor information and his own professional photographs.

Butser Ancient Farm - Replica of an Iron Age farm circa 300 BC, with buildings, animals and crops. Both a museum and an open-air laboratory for research into the Iron Age and Roman periods. Photos, information for visitors and schools.

Archaeolink Prehistory Park, Aberdeenshire - Aims to present prehistory through a mixture of reconstructions, actual sites and an indoor centre: the archaeodome.

Jorvik Viking Centre - Built on the site where the York Archaeological Trust found the amazingly well-preserved remains of part of Viking Jorvik (York). A massive range of evidence was recovered and has been used to recreate every last aspect of everyday life.

Scottish Crannog Centre - A reconstruction of a lochside dwelling over 2,500 years old was built by the Scottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology at Loch Tay, Perthshire. Photographs and visitor information. 3D virtual crannog requires VRML2 (free download available.)

Museum of the Iron Age - Uses reconstructions and displays of finds to tell the story of Danebury, the Iron Age hill fort excavated by Professor Barry Cunliffe and his team. Information for schools and visitors.

Vindolanda - Roman fort and settlement by Hadrian's Wall, where rare ink on wood letters were discovered. Visitor information, excavation news. Online shopping: books, reproduction Roman jewellery, weapons, figures, games.

Marischal Museum - University of Aberdeen's collection of Scottish archaeology and folk life, foreign ethnography, Egyptian antiquities, numismatics and militaria. Location plan, exhibitions, services, conservation, educational resources.

Archaeology Museum, University of Liverpool - The School of Archaeology, Classics and Oriental Studies houses a large Egyptian collection and objects from listed Near Eastern, Classical and British sites. Visitor information.

Segedunum Roman Fort, Baths and Museum - Roman Wallsend, the most completely excavated fort in Britain, lying at the eastern end of Hadrians Wall. History, images, events and visitor information.