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The Vintage Telephone Equipment Museum - Museum of the history of the telephone and central office switching equipment, with exhibits including the 1876 model of Bell's first communication device.

Hagley Museum - Museum relates the history the early days and the very first product of the DuPont Company: black powder. Located in Wilmington, DE.

The South Carolina Cotton Museum - Exhibits and interprets the history of cotton and the cotton industry in the United States. Site includes tour information and cotton facts.

State Agricultural Heritage Museum - Located in the South Dakota State University with collections and exhibits depicting technology, crops, and livestock.

Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie - An interactive museum of science and industry located in Paris, France. Site features online exhibitions, educational experiments for children, and links to the museum's media library. In English and French.

The Match Museum - The world's only Match Museum, located in Jönköping, Sweden. Site includes on-line guided tour with information on the history of the industry and the people involved in it.

The Museum for the Preservation of Elevating History - Formerly the Elevator Museum, this site presents the history and technology of elevators and escalators and biographies of their various inventors.

Agricultural Hall of Fame - Agriculture museum and Hall of Fame chartered by Congress to honor the American farmer.

Slater Mill - Museum complex exhibiting the American industrial heritage. Exhibits include a rubblestone mill, machine tools, and textile industry artifacts.

Basel Paper Mills - Swiss museum of paper and printing. Features visitor information and current exhibits.

Britain's Museum of Colour - Museum exhibits feature the history and science of the color industry. Includes interactive exhibits online, museum contacts and schedule. Located in Bradford.

German Leather Museum - Collects and preserves artifacts of the leather working industry. Includes a shoe exhibit, publications, and visitor information.